Farewell 2016!

I made a New Year’s Resolution a few years ago that I would maintain a blog and try to write in it regularly for my own sanity. 2016 was an interesting year in that was plenty that I could have written about, but at times it seemed to smack you so hard that I felt I didn’t have time to sit and let it process or find the reliable sources that I wanted to construct an argument or make a solid case for a point of view.

From a political standpoint, I felt quite upset and frustrated at times that my generation doesn’t seem to be stepping up to the challenge. Voting figures are still down in UK & US and yet many don’t like the eventual results. In the London Mayoral elections and EU Referendum I made sure I put my vote in. With the nationalist angry mob seeming to be the ones holding the keys to several Governments right now I sometimes wonder what we can learn from our Canadian friends.

I am hoping that in 2017 some of the other nations that are holding elections in Europe find enough people won’t pick nationalist hate but progressive tolerance and continue to find ways together we can bridge divides and isolate those who wish to terrorise us.

Creatively I had some strong ideas that I attempted to implement at the beginning of the year and then they sort of fizzled out as other issues took over, such as moving house. However I am still optimistic and full of more ideas and keeping hold of others to try out when the time is right. Some of them I cannot do alone and already this year some of you have hinted at collaborations and ideas that I am really looking forward to developing on together.

My life really feels like it is in a different place now socially, I found a whole new group of wonderful people this year and my confidence in a social setting feels like it has expanded enormously. I am very thankful to a small number of close friends that I have made this year who have appreciated and supported me for who I am and encouraged me to build on my values.

I also have many friends who’ve stuck by me for some years and I thank you all for the time you’ve shared with me in the past year and I look forward to more new experiences and adventures in 2017.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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