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Welcome to Paws for Thought, a message from Mikepaws

Hello and welcome to my personal website, where I can place my thoughts, feelings and write about the subjects that interest me.

For a few years I have been suppressing a lot of my opinions and I feel this has been bad for my personality. I do love the quick-fire of Twitter and other social sites but I wasn’t comfortable with using it as a platform for putting down my feelings and commentary on the World.

I want to improve my writing, share my passions and also promote creativity I have found in others.

Some things you may disagree with, and others you might not, but I believe it is important for us all to share our opinions and to exercise the right we have to freedom of expression. I don’t want to self-censor myself any longer and I hope to learn more about myself along the way.


“Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty.” – Bryant H. McGill

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